When you think about it, fine food is about tradition. Recipes are handed down through generations. Love is poured into the food we eat and the time we share while preparing and partaking. Cristi&Ali Cuisine was built upon these traditions – as a way to honor family while sharing the gift of fine food with others.
Owner Alina Trandafir is a Romanian native who has called Dallas home since 1998. She was raised in a family that knows how to savor the flavors of fine food and decided to bring some of the robust flavors of Romania to a wider audience state-wide.
Launched in 2009 as a gourmet restaurant on wheels, which has developed a huge following, the name Cristi&Ali Cuisine exudes the family connection that Alina considers the backbone of her business.
The actual name was coined by Alina’s grandmother more than 20 years ago when she combined her granddaughters’ names as the name for her Romanian convenience store. Alina’s father worked with her perfecting the recipes for the gourmet trailer. The result of this family collaboration pours love and taste.

We hope you will allow us to be part of your event and we are looking forward to meet you, your staff and of course our new customers.